Breaking News: Bitcoin crossed $9500, Growing day by day

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Bitcoin has officially hit the $9500 border today since it has the massive users with hedge funds, it is expected to have more and more users in the future and along with the huge fund.


Sarcastically, most of the people on the /r/BitcoinMarkets subreddit thought the price may drop over the Thanksgiving weekend since the banks were being closed. Anyhow, in the last week, the price had shown its strength, strengthening low $8,000s. The price has also fallen to $7,800 range twice. but it got increased fast.

It seems like the people did not take the benefit of Black Day to buy the TV or any other electronics. Instead, they stocked up the Bitcoin. The price started trending up yesterday as the market started adding the volume, and today it created the history by crossing $9,500.

Is there anything more to Appear?

We expected many mainstream finance pundits would concern regarding Bitcoin as a bubble. but the market has not shown any interest so it is being called as “blow off top,” means a sudden and major reversal unlikely at a moment. Bubble cycles often end with the as massive spike in price which is almost immediately followed by even a larger sell-off.

The next major level of the hustle and bustle will be $10,500. Anyhow, well it will not be hard for Bitcoin because if we combine Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash it is already growing and can easily exceed $10,500.  There is something special to say, Anybody who own Bitcoin prior to August 1 and has not sold it, they must be enjoying the price in excess of the next major target.