Bitcoin Cash and Zcash are Accepted as Donations by Internet Archives

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Bitcoin News

The nonprofit Internet Archive has included the digital currencies such as  Bitcoin Cash and Zcash as a payment option for those supporters who want to donate money in order to maintain its operations.  Internet Archive is the digital library of Internet artifacts and the web pages. The organization works as the host of Wayback Machine, which takes the snapshots of the web pages since they will be developed over time.

Internet Archive said in its blog post which was published in the mid-November 2017 that, the donations which are provided by the supporters will be helped in achieving its goal of guaranteeing that the Internet will remain “free, secure and backed up automatically”.

Internet Archive Posted:

“At the Internet Archive, we are big fans of the cryptocurrency movement and have been trying to do our part to test and support alternative means of commerce.”

Other growth in the organization’s operations

Internet Archive also said that it will keep its digital currency holdings in its wallet and it will not convert it to the fiat currency. The groups of the supporters are supporting Bitcoin donations since 2012 and have allowed its staff to be paid in learning virtual currencies since 2013.

Internet Archive Included:

“We want to see how donated Bitcoin can be used, not just sold off.”

The nonprofit group also announced that it is planning to create a backup of every book, audio file, webpage, television (TV) show, and software which have been already developed and those which are going to be launched soon.

Internet Archive’s Brief Profile

It was established by Brewster Kahle in May 1996 with a goal of providing free access to the digitalized materials. Those materials also include music, websites, software applications/games, movies and the videos. Internet Archive joined Wikileaks in order to accept cryptocurrency payments.