“Big Four” Accountancy Firm PwC Accepting Bitcoin Payments

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The Hong Kong office of auditing and accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has begun accepting Bitcoin as payment for its professional services. The company mentioned that the first Bitcoin payments accepted by few local companies which are involved in digital currencies and Blockchain technology.

PwC Asia-Pacific  Head Raymund Chao says, their decision to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment which reflects their move to embrace new technologies.

Raymund also Described:

“It is also an indication that Bitcoin and other established cryptocurrencies have now developed into more broadly accepted forms of settlement.”

Bitcoin’s amazing performance

The decision of PwC to accept Bitcoin as a payment method came during the major Cryptocurrencies to record an unprecedented rise in financial markets. The most popular virtual currency violated $ 11,000 for the first time in its short history. The fact is that this extraordinary performance is a true collection of bitcoin value and the method of exchange that can be used in the business or the day trader’s plaything.

PwC’s previous works on cryptocurrencies

PwC was an early implementation of new technologies. The company has been involved with digital currencies and blockchain technologies since 2014. Its antics include distribution of statements supporting Bitcoin’s role in developing innovations in various activities, and conducting its own research on virtual currencies.

One of the research initiatives the company has initiated is a plan to study the potential application of Blockchain in the wholesale insurance industry. The project was developed in collaboration with the Z/ Yen thinktank’s Long Finance Initiative. PwC has established its own consulting services to advise consumers about new technologies.