AT&T Seeks Patent for Blockchain-Based Mapping System

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Telecom Giant AT&T seeks a patent for a blockchain-based social media ‘mapping’ system. The patent application was issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

AT&T’s patent application explains a blockchain-based system that may incorporate a transaction history controller to store subscribers information, which may be used for numerous purposes. The file describes a number of particular cases, like creating and sharing information, ideas, and career interests through virtual communities and networks.

By implementing this system users could track ‘micro-culture transactions,’ like tracing current trends at a specific time or place, or behavior of their friends. That ability, per the patent application, “may have tremendous value in e-commerce, marketing, and targeted advertising.”

 The document further says:

“The social media history map platforms illustrated herein may take benefit of the immutable and permanent nature of blockchain records to store, and provide access to, data representing online transactions that happen on multiple social media applications.”

As per the filing, content creators would keep ownership of their information on the ‘mapping’ platform.

 “Although, instead of passing ownership of blocks or data between users, a social media account owner maintains primary ownership of his or her online transaction data. What passes from the social media account owner to other users of the social media history map service, like followers of the social media account owner, is a notion of high visibility rights.”

In November, American Express filed a patent for a blockchain-powered system to capture and transmit the image of a receipt. The filing explains how the system lets a user with a mobile device capture the image of a receipt. The system then, via “optical character recognition,” renders the image and matches it with “related records,” particularly transaction history.