An Accused Hacker Is Ordered To Pay For Bail in Crypto

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The United States Attorney’s Office has uncovered a hacker from an ongoing FBI investigation. The culprit was responsible for hacking the computer network of a gaming company Electronic Arts (EA) which is based out of San Francisco. Martin Marsich is the hacker that accessed about 25,000 accounts which was employed by users to purchase in-game items.

Martin was selling the access of the stolen credentials to black market websites. This resulted in a loss of $324,000 to the company. The suspect was trying to flee when he was captured while attempting to board a flight to Serbia. He was presented in court on August 9th.

Magistrate Judge Corley said that Marsich can be granted bail on the condition that he must pay the damages worth $750,000 in cryptocurrency.

According to another report, Assistant District Attorney Abraham Simmons also shared his views. He said that it isn’t the first time where someone has paid bail in form of cryptocurrencies. But this case was unique as the bail was posted without conversion.

Simmons stated this is a huge issue and it is up to the judge to make the decision. The objective is that the defendant complies with an order to appear later.

Nishanth Shetty

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