Air New Zealand is using the Public Ethereum Blockchain

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Air New Zealand, the country’s national airline, is expanding the blockchain technology for few number of useful purposes such as booking and baggage tracking via a partnership with Swiss Startup Winding Tree.


In its announcement, Air New Zealand has confirmed by moving into blockchain for various applications such as retail airfares, cargo, and baggage tracking, securing information and loyalty programs. The goal is to help and connect the startups and companies directly to the service providers via winding Tree’s B2B marketplace which is built on a public Ethereum-based blockchain. The platform will allow the blockchain-based transactions with both parties benefiting from lower transaction fees and straightforward, efficient information sharing.

Avi Golan, Air New Zealand’s chief digital officer said that the airline is “excited” by blockchain’s usability to “trigger new innovation and travel” and the possibility for entirely “new business models and innovation”.

He described:

“While we are still exploring its benefits, blockchain may offer a streamlined way to retail airfares and ancillary products alongside our current channels. In removing complexity from the sales chain, customers benefit alongside our current channels. In removing complexity from the sales chain, customers benefit from reduced transactional costs, and airlines benefit from swift and secure sharing of information.”

The New Zealand airline’s raid into exploring blockchain applications which appears soon after German airline giant Lufthsana Group, One of the world’s biggest airline operators, described the development of “a large number” of blockchain travel apps for the customers following a partnership with the Winding Tree.

Lufthansa said:

“Simply put, in the future, airlines, hotels and other travel service providers will offer their services on Winding Tree’s platform and companies interested in content will only connect to the B2B blockchain-distributed digital marketplace to present specific offers tailored to their customers’ needs.”


Lufthansa also became a part of the Winding tree’s public presale of ‘Lif’ tokens in the beginning of this month. In a specific show of support for the blockchain startup, Air New Zealand has also confirmed its participation as an investor in Winding Tree’s January token sale, as it is reported in Reuters.