Accenture to Use Blockchain to Track the Quality of Shipments

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Accenture Global Solutions seems to be adopting blockchain technology for streamlining and automating shipping logistics.

The U.S.Patent and Trademark Office recently published a report saying that the proposed system that would manage specific types of attributes for objects being shipped and to store that information on a blockchain. The system would track the objects as they are shipped from one location to another utilizing the data that is stored on the ledger for confirming the objects’ status and condition.

Devices those participate in the network are like robots or unmanned aerial vehicles. If we could take an example, it can check the integrity of these shipments since they are transported to different locations by comparing their status to the information that is already stored on the blockchain.

The information could also be tracked by driverless or other autonomous vehicles.

If an analyzing device successfully verifies the identity of an item successfully through matching its attributes for what is already defined and stored on the blockchain, it would let the item to continue its trip, whether it places it on shelves, onto a vehicle for further transportation or is incorporated into an additional manufacturing process.

If the data of current and previous stages doesn’t match, the device would order the system to return the product and pause the payment.

The system could also create alerts and messages for managers who are involved in the shipping process or government agencies which regulate the product. The system can even call for a manager meeting if required.

Nishanth Shetty

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