A man Kidnapped Friend at Gun Point and Stole Cryptocurrency which is Worth $1.8 million

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Cryptocurrencies have started ruling the digital currency world with their impacts, but somehow people have already begun misusing them all over the world. One of the incidents took place when a man appeared in a New York court and charged with an advocate regarding robbing his cryptocurrency cache. Louis Meza reported that he had a gunman point a pistol at his friend’s head after telling him to move towards the minivan, which caused him to lose his wallet seed. The offense took place on November 4, and cost worth $1.8 million in cryptocurrency.

Stealing the Cryptocurrency is a big deal

Technology is getting smarter and modified but when it comes to the criminals, they seem a little bit outdated. If the allegations against Louis Meza are properly proven, the 35-year-old can imagine the most brazen and sophisticated robberies. After Meza took his friend to Van, Ether had stolen in millions of dollars and his pistol was with him. Due to the nature of the┬áBlockchain, the police could easily follow the flow of Ether’s theft, which was found in Meza’s account of the accused the next day.

Attorney Cy Vance Jr. of the Manhattan District said in the court that the case will show “the most common intersection between the cyber and violent crimes”, New York Daily News Reported. After being prosecuted at Manhattan Supreme Court, Meza had no guilty to steal great legacy, kidnapping, and robbery, and was held on $1 million bonds, along with the bail set at $500,000 cash. since does not accept the cryptocurrency.